After serving on the Arizona Film and Media Coalition (AFMC) board representing IFP/Phoenix for the past 6 years, I have stepped down, effective October 5, 2012.  Joe Gruberman remains as the board member for IFP/Phoenix and Carol Gibson will replace me as the IFP/PHX alternate.

It was my absolute pleasure to serve the entertainment community here through AFMC.  During my time we got the original bill passed, put up 2 additional bills for consideration and now are working on a new one for the 2013 Legislative session.  In order to get this next bill passed, everyone on the board needs to be focused on it.  Due to my personal and professional life commitments, I won’t be able to fulfill that this year.

I am thrilled that Carol Gibson will fill my seat.  She brings years of educational experience to the table and we worked together at IFP/PHX when I was Executive Director (2005-2011) and she was Children’s Education Director (2008-present).  I extend my heartfelt thanks to the AFMC board, which is an all-volunteer board made up of working professionals from around the state.  They have given their time, energy and money over and over and over, and continue to do so.

The Arizona Film & Media Coalition, Inc. is a group whose mission is to enhance the economic vitality of the Arizona film and media communities through public relations, education and legislation.